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Happy 49th Birthday POTUS!!

| On 04, Aug 2010

We at Prune Juice Media WILL-NOT be jumping out of ANY cake for President Obama. We’ll give him dap for his birthday and cheat on our diet, but nobody’s pulling the Marilyn Monroe in this camp.

Dear President Obama,

Happy 49th Birthday!

Though your birth certificate is getting a little older, you are in pretty good shape. Forget that almost-instant head full of gray hair caused by two wars, a recession, a Gulf full of oil, health care, Republicans, Rahm Emanuel, FOX News, two kids, a wife, a whole staff, and a divided nation.  Yeah, forget all that. You still is the envy of many 49-year-olds.

Here’s to a very Happy Birthday Mr. President and hopefully a DAY AWAY FROM US!!! Enjoy your birthday…

With Love and Slight Concern,

Your Friends at Prune Juice Media

P.S. – If you haven’t read yet, you need to be checking out this site EVERYDAY. It keeps you younger with laughter and sarcasm. Thanks.

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