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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Hawaii to Birthers: Leave Us The Hell Alone!

| On 17, Mar 2010

The flag of the State of Hawaii, that state officials have probably wanted to smother the birthers with. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

The Hawaii Department of Health has a message for the “birther” movement against President Obama … GET A LIFE because we have real work to do!

Here’s the issue.  There is a group of people, known as the “birthers,” who do not believe that POTUS was born in the United States at all.  These lunatics have been contacting the state’s Department of Health (at a rate of 10-20 emails per week) to ask for a copy of his signed birth certificate. I guess this computer-generated verification of the original, just won’t do.  So, the Hawaii House Judiciary Committee recently heard a bill to allow officials to say SAYONARA to the Obama requests.  A vote is to be scheduled soon on SB 2937.

Back to the birthers. They believe that Obama is a citizen of Kenya.  So, they organized a movement to disqualify him from the presidency based on their insane belief.  Well, since the president has already verified this information when he decided to run for office, he essentially closed the door on the issue.  The birthers still want more.

The Department of Health has had enough!  They have spent manpower and taxpayer dollars responding to these requests and they want them to stop. Despite the global “side-eye” they may get for closing the records, they are in line with Hawaii law by only offering birth certificates to people with a real interest in the person.  This most likely means a caregiver, power of attorney, spouse, or the person themselves.  This does NOT include members of a crazy right-wing group who may want an intact sample of Obama’s placenta and first diaper from the hospital.

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