HCR Update: Reconciliation Vote and Cantor Shooting

| On 26, Mar 2010

The prescription has been written and healthcare reform is a done deal now!

It looks like the healthcare reform effort is finally wrapping up.  Thank God.

The vote on the reconciliation (or “fix it”) bill took place on Thursday night and passed 220-207. This bill tweaks the big legislation that was passed on Sunday.  The reconciliation package ends the controversial “Cornhusker Deal” with special Medicaid subsidies in the state of Nebraska.  It also gives more money to ordinary Americans who will be REQUIRED to have health insurance by 2014.  It also eliminates the Medicare prescription doughnut hole.  This is the gap between the end of regular prescription drug coverage and the start of catastrophic coverage (roughly $3,000).

So now that all of these fixes are in place, the final bill will become law upon President Obama’s signature today.

In other news, yesterday we reported on the press conference that Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) gave yesterday about the death threats received on Capitol Hill.  Well, some details about Cantor’s district office in Richmond being shot up have surfaced.  That story he told is not exactly true!

Yes, Cantor’s office window sustained a bullet, but it was completely unrelated to his healthcare vote or status as a Congressman. There was random gunfire in the area.  Someone shot in the air and the bullet came down and hit the glass of his office.  The bullet didn’t even go through the window blinds.

So the media was on a wild goose chase yesterday showing how violence was happening to both parties on Capitol Hill.  Nope, it’s just the Democrats for right now.

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