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| On 22, Mar 2010

President Obama along with Vice President Biden celebrate the passage of the healthcare bill in the House on March 21, 2010! Break out the cigars!!!!

Need I say more?  Tonight was an historic night in our country and the long road to healthcare for 32 million more uninsured Americans. If you haven’t heard by now, the House of Representatives PASSED the healthcare bill on Sunday evening.

In two separate votes, the Senate version of the bill and the reconciliation bill of “fixes,” we finally closed the gap for so many uninsured citizens of this country.  The Senate version that passed in December won in the House by a margin of 219-212.  The reconciliation bill won 220-211.  Not one Republican voted in favor of either bill.

Both bills together are estimated to cost $940 billion over 10 years. The next and final aspect is to get the Senate’s approval  on Tuesday on what the House voted on.  It will then be sent to President Obama so it can be signed into law.

Now that we got past the specifics, can we discuss the events of today?? The debates before the votes were long as hell!!! Nine and a half hours of words like “Yield, oppose, Mr. Speaker, balance of time, gavel, gentlelady, gentleman, bill, kill the bill, seniors, loophole, jammed down our throats, trillion…”  Blah, blah, blah!!  That is way too long for anyone to pay attention, let alone debate.  I know women who have been in labor less time, and it was probably less painful to go through.  Uggh..

There were also some Tea Party protesters that were acting crazy as hell as the southeast corner of the Capitol.  Democratic lawmakers pretty much stayed clear of them all day because of yesterday’s name calling and spitting session.  A few Republicans went outside and rallied the troops, but thankfully, to no avail.

Now we have to brace ourselves for the 24/7/365 punditry that has started after this historic vote. They are going to analyze this thing every way from Sunday.  The best thing to do is turn OFF that TV at some point.  Just let it go.  As I type this, mine is on mute because I just can’t stand the talking heads anymore.  I only look up when I see an interesting face at this point.  lol.. Yeah I know, it’s really basic of me.

Stay tuned to Prune Juice Media this week for a summary of some of the details in the bill.  Note that as the legislation moves from the House back to the Senate, certain items are still not final until it has the president’s signature.

Read full coverage of the House’s historic win in The Washington Post.

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