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Hillary’s Job Is Wearing Her Out!

| On 27, Jan 2010

Hillary's going to need a 5-hour energy drink everyday until January 20, 2013!!

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is here to let y’all know that she is TIRED!!!

In a recent interview for the show Tavis Smiley Reports, Madame Secretary dropped a few hints on Mr. Smiley.  First, she does LOVE her job as SOS.  Let’s not get it confused.  But, this sista is BEAT DOWN!  She said (in so many words) that she’s in this for the FOUR-YEAR TERM, not a full eight years.  Of course, the follow-up question then was about her plans post-SOS.  She made it point blank clear that she is “absolutely not interested” in running for president again. So tear up the “Hillary 2012” posters if you made them.  Forget that .. it ain’t happening!

I feel Hillary on this decision.  She will be 65 years old by the end of her four-year term as Secretary of State.  She has seen the world, in its good and bad times in elected office.  What else does she need?  Umm .. A NAP!!!  Like yesterday.  Let her focus on reading, personal travel, vacationing, and waiting for Chelsea to pop out a grandbaby.  At damn near 70, I wouldn’t want to be looking at anybody’s office water cooler and cubicle either!  Corporate America gets old really quick.

GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN HILLARY! You can only squeeze your cankles into those State Department heels so long…

Watch the preview clips of Tavis’s interview with Secretary Clinton online.  It airs tonight on PBS at 8:00 p.m. ET, just before the State of the Union address.

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