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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Hoosier Says HOLLA to the Senate!

| On 16, Feb 2010

Is that the sound of a QUITTER I hear? Yep!

Here we go AGAIN!!  2010 must be the year of the Democratic quitter.  Senator Evan Bayh (pronounced “Bye” .. as in “Buh, bye”), an Indiana Democrat, announced Monday that he will not seek reelection to serve the Hoosier State in the U.S. Senate.

Ain’t this a b*tch?!?! And get this .. Bayh didn’t just walk away from the Democrats and their constituents who need his vote.  Noooo…  He stuck his people at the last minute by making it almost logistically impossible for someone to step up as the Democratic primary replacement. 

Here’s the scoop:  In Indiana, you have to have 500 signatures of registered voters turned into the Secretary of State by noon on Friday, Feb. 19. to qualify for the May 4 primary.  But, BEFORE you turn in those signatures, they have to be submitted and approved by the registrar in every one of the state’s 92 counties.  So, unless this person has a hellified case of 5-hour energy drinks, a mobile coffee maker, and doesn’t plan to sleep until Friday night – they have a challenge on their hands!  If someone can’t step up, then the state’s Democratic party establishment can appoint someone.

I am trying to look at the bright side of this.  Bayh’s opening will clear out another “moderate” Democrat from the Senate.  Though, it’s unlikely that conservative Indiana will give us someone more liberal.  I’m not against moderates at all, but the Republicans are playing some serious hardball (i.e., Scott Brown, Sarah Palin, Tea Party alliances, FOX News rhetoric, etc.).  The inability of the current crop of Dems to get healthcare passed shows me that they have to fight fire with fire. 

So now, about 10 Democratic Senate seats are up for grabs in the upcoming November election.  This will make for some really annoying commentary from all of the major media outlets.   Remember – we currently have 59 Dems and 41 Repubs in the Senate. 

This Congress is going to make Prune Juice Media work hard for the money keeping up with all of this election season drama in 2010!

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