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Ignorance at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally

| On 31, Aug 2010

I love the New Left Media videos. I’m amazed at how anyone can go to these Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin/Tea Party rallies and keep a straight interview face while people say some of the dumbest and ill-informed things.

The latest NLM video is from last weekend’s “Restoring Honor” rally hosted by Glenn Beck on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The premise of the video is simple. They walk around the crowd and interview people in a very straight-laced, sarcastic-free tone about the issues of the day. For the Beck rally, the NYC mosque controversy, immigration reform, and the direction of the country were hot topics.

This video is hilarious, sad, and confusing all at the same time. So, I thought I would offer some highlights from the video that you need to check out:

0:53 – This lady doesn’t even know what the hell she is saying. I damn sure don’t either. It’s adult gibberish like Charlie Brown’s teacher. “Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa..”


1:56 – The U.S. is the “last bastion of hope..” for the world. Not even Canada comes in a close second.

2:50 – The guy claims that Al Sharpton had “his Black Panthers” at the simultaneous rally held on Saturday. Untrue. They were people marking the 47th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. King’s speech.

3:37 – None of the people in this small ground believe that Glenn Beck ever said Barack Obama was a racist. If they did their homework, they would know he said it on FOX & Friends on July 28, 2009.

4:58 – She can’t believe that Americans elected someone who was so “anti-progress and anti [American] pride..”

5:34 – According to her, Barack Obama is a “Muslim at heart,” even though she admits he is a Christian.

5:40 – Just the way she is hanging out of this lawn chair with her big shoes is cracking me up! She also says the government has taken away freedom of speech. Her example is that you can no longer pray at monuments, like the Lincoln Memorial. WTF?! She couldn’t, however, name when the government took away this right.

6:57 – Video shot of “Protect White Cracker Babies” t-shirt.

8:03 – Man claims that Muslims are building a “victory monument” at Ground Zero for their “outlandish attacks on America.”

10:18 – Woman claims that having immigrants in the U.S. is a “health risk” to Americans.

11:44 – Woman is stumped at how her logic doesn’t make sense of how illegal immigrants have babies in the U.S. to get citizenship. The parents can’t get citizenship from the child until that child is age 21. Still, she says her “sister in Arizona” sees preggy immigrants waiting in parking lots to give birth.

Overall, the video is just a glimpse of how uninformed and one-sided people can be. Now, I’m not saying that everyone at Beck’s rally was like this because they weren’t. It’s just amazing to see this small group could be this out of order!!

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