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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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I’m Done … Bristol Palin To Make $30K Per Speech!!

| On 18, May 2010

Bristol Palin has single-handedly turned the delivery room into her own personal cash register!

Let me just hang up my dancing shoes on this blog right now!  Clearly, I am in the wrong industry by humping myself over this computer everyday trafficking in political scoop.

Bristol Palin, the oldest daughter of everyone’s favorite political MILF, Sarah Palin, just signed a contract with Single Source Speakers. The company is based out of Nashville and they help people of some noteworthy accomplishment(s) secure speaking gigs.  The younger Palin’s attorney revealed that she will earn up to $30,000 PER SPEECH to discuss items such as “abstinence, pro-life, women’s, and youth topics,” according to AOLNews.

Ok, that’s where I need to stop this bullet train.  Talk about being a child of privilege?!  Two years ago no one knew or cared who Bristol Palin was – not even her mom’s constituents in Alaska.  She got preggy, had a baby out of wedlock  in her teens, and now she’s the foremost authority on abstinence??  Yes, from her story you could learn WHY you need to be abstinent (i.e., parenting is not an easy job).  But, damn!  I know several “Bristols” in my life who have a fraction of her resources and her access, but have been making the magic happen for far longer.

This is amazing.  It’s like she’s being rewarded over and over again for this baby.  I’m not knocking her for becoming a parent, but this hustle of attaching a $30K per speech fee to talk about your life’s mistakes is EXTREME to say the least.  She is not the first, nor will she be the last one to have a baby that young.

Who the hell in their right mind would PAY to hear her speak?  Hmm .. let’s see … she’s already booked for the Heartbeat International Conference for pregnancy help center advocates in Orlando.  ::smdh::

(Thanks to my friend Victor for this tip!)

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