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Iran Shuts Down Internet and Texts?!

| On 11, Feb 2010

2009 Protests: Proof that the government is NOT playing with the Iranians. Sad...

Iran is really trippin’ now!

Ahead of planned protests on Thursday, the government has slowed Internet services, including Gmail and Yahoo, and completely cut off text messaging for its citizens.  The protests mark the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in February 1979. Iran has very harsh policies about open protests, speaking out against the government, free media, etc.

Many of the protesters are the same young people that marched last summer against the rigged re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  These are Gen X and Y’ers – the emailers, texters, IM’ers, and iPhoners.  With the rules against unplanned government protest, their opposition and gatherings have been mainly through technological means when services aren’t being blocked.

Now, I’m a communicator at heart.  To hear ANYONE THINK of shutting off my Internet and texts – that’s damn near impossible. They may have to fight me.  Now, granted, I’m not protesting in the streets.  But, I might start shaking if I go a whole week without Internet AND my phone.  It makes me thankful for the freedom we do have in the U.S.  You already know Prune Juice Media supports an UNINTERRUPTED Internet connection and unlimited texts!!  How else am I going to get my news to share with my readers??

On a more serious note,  Iran has issued stern warning against the opposition.  Eight protesters were killed in December and two were hanged in January.  The images from last year’s Ahmadinejad protests were striking too.  It’s really quite sad that amount of effort that countries like Iran, China, and others put into censoring their media.

I guess the statement is true, “Information is power.”

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