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Is Halliburton Paying Congress Hush Money?

| On 03, Jun 2010

I just shake my head when I look at this logo. There hands are covered in oil that's leaking in the Gulf.

There’s some heavy explaining to be done here.

Halliburton, the private government contractor who has a major hand in the Gulf oil leak, seems intent on supporting specific members of Congress through its political action committee (PAC). In the month of May, in particular, the company’s PAC campaign contributions to Congressional members was at its highest level since September 2008.

Now let’s review our timeline quickly.  The Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and sank on April 20. The company (Halliburton) was a contractor on the rig and had an obvious hand, along with BP, in whatever went wrong.  Magically, in the month of May, money starts flowing out of their political action committee’s coffers like oil in the Gulf.

According to Politico, they gave $17,000 last month to 14 candidates for office, many of whom serve on committees that plan to investigate the oil leak.  Ten of those people are currently in office and seven are on committees directly related to the oil spill.  Of the 14 total, 13 are Republicans and one is a Democrat.  Hmmm…

I’m not the smartest person, but if I was a betting man, I’d say I smell a payoff!

They have been hellbent on saying that they didn’t have anything to do with the crisis and placing blame on BP and others.  But why then are they amping up contributions in the midst of the largest U.S. environmental crisis ever? It really makes you wonder, but then again, we REALLY know what’s going on!

Some heads are going to roll and massive fines will be dished out on a federal level. Halliburton is trying to keep their name in the clear as much as possible.  Mission one is to link the “punishers” to the crime scene.  The last thing a politician wants to do is to NOT be re-elected.  Money and ultimately the threat of blackmail can prevent that from happening.  And what better way to tie a politician to a polluter than through MONEY?!

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