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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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“Joe The Plumber” Is Finally Elected to Something

| On 07, May 2010

There's a whole lotta Republican political brainstorming going on in that bald head.

Just like Sarah Palin, it amazes me how in demand this man is.

Joe the Plumber scored a victory in Lucas County, Ohio recently, as he was elected to a seat on the Republican Party Central Committee. Their job is to provide support to Republicans who are running for office in the Toledo area.  They do the dirty work of passing out flyers, yard signs, and other campaign “litter” in support of their candidates.

Elected under his government name of Samuel Wurzelbacher, Joe-Joe says he needs to have a little talk with Jesus before he runs for really high office.  One step at a time there, buddy.  He actually said that he hopes Jesus DOESN’T pick him for higher office.  I must side with the Joe the Plumber on and hope that the Holy Spirit overlooks him too!

As for right now, Talking Points Memo quotes “The Plumber” as saying he wants to “”weed out the liars, cheaters and thieves.”  Good luck with that one in ANY aspect of Ohio politics…

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