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Join the Tea Party Pyramid Scheme To ‘Defend Freedom’

| On 08, Sep 2010

If you like the Tea Party, there may the perfect pyramid scheme opportunity awaiting you. Do you REALLY love freedom?! Hmm..

Just when you thought that politics couldn’t be more of a sell-out game, here comes Tea Party Biz Opps.

In all fairness to the GOP and the Tea Party, they seem to have no link or endorsement behind this set of shenanigans. But, you gotta love it as a classic WTF moment.

There’s a new pyramid scheme in town and Georgia-based Tea Party Biz Opps is going to help you have a great work from home opportunity. For “around $12 a year” you can get the Stopping Tyranny newsletter. From there, you tell two or three other people to get a subscription and slowly you start building your pyramid and get paid incrementally. You can also tell people to join the business opportunity, which is separate from the newsletter subscription.

I’m all for capitalism, but this is a hilarious attempt to go after the fear-loving conservatives and Tea Partiers. There are several mentions of the words “tyranny,” “defending freedom,” “socialist,” etc. Whomever came up with this has watched a lot of FOX News and has access to some Tea Party literature. They even warn that the U.S. will soon become a “socialized nanny state” if people don’t join this opportunity and stop liberals.

The website looks like a 5th grader made it in Windows 95. There are spelling and syntax errors and it violates the basic principles of web writing. In short, there’s too much sh*t on the page for anyone to read with comprehension. You have to scroll for a half-mile to read all of it. I mean, hell, the text is in black, red, and blue.

Are they serious?

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