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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Kesha Rogers Is An Odd Brand of Congressional Candidate

| On 26, Oct 2010

The 22nd Congressional district in the south Houston area has a rather odd character (and I’m being nice) in Kesha Rogers, the Democratic candidate for the open seat.

The longtime activist recently sat down with The Texas Tribune, a non-profit and nonpartisan media organization, to share some of her thoughts on issues facing people and the Democratic Party. She is calling for the impeachment of President Obama, changes in the new healthcare law and she also discusses issues with imperialism and capitalism.

Yeah, she’s a Democrat, but she wants the president impeached. She also thinks that the only way for the party to save itself is by listening to the will of the people. [Now I can agree with that one point].

Since she may go on to represent part of the Houston area, I was expecting to hear her talk about roads, schools, or some issue remotely related to Texas. Instead she used this time to give a quick history lesson on Nazi Germany and imperial Britain. WTH?!

Finally, my main question is why in the hell is her HAIR not done? Does she plan to walk the hallowed halls of Congress looking like she got in a pillow fight?

*Thanks to Foolocracy to the heads-up on the first clip.

Here’s another quick video from Rogers back in February when she was running for the Democratic nomination:

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