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Kilpatrick Family Takes The Beating of the Century In Detroit

| On 04, Aug 2010

I don't know where she's about to go, but Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick GOTS-TA get the hell out of Congress in January!

The Kilpatrick political family of the Detroit area has taken yet another public spanking at the hands of the Michigan people.

This time, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick was in the line of fire at the voting booth during yesterday’s 13th Michigan congressional district primary race. The seven-term representative lost her bid to get on the November ballot to Hansen Clarke, a Washington newcomer preaching a message of change in southeast Michigan. The area has been devastated by auto industry job losses, neglect, and an overall aura of corruption in politics.

Hansen was able to play his hand as a current Michigan State Senator to do what others tried and failed to do – rid the Detroit area of everything known as Kilpatrick. Sen. Clarke will face Republican John Hauler and Green Party candidate George Corsetti in the November election.

The salt in Carolyn’s wound was that her son, former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, currently sits in jail for probation violation. He is also awaiting trial on tax evasion, and tax and mail fraud. That’s just the latest in about a seven-year string of eff-ups, gaffes, and dummy moves for the former mayor. (You may remember the stinging Prune Juice Media post back in May on his reunion with Bubba and ‘nem behind bars?)

Here’s my question and Lord forgive me for taking it there. But, who the hell VOTED for her? It seems that 39% of the 13th Congressional district electorate thought she was worthy. WHY???

I’m not taking away Ms. Kilpatrick’s contributions to her district during her time served in Congress. Still, she is KWAME’S MOTHER! Not only did he mess up post-mayor’s office, but he kept the Wayne County prosecutor in his ass during the last portion of his time in office. At some point, the apple cannot fall far from the political tree.

Her son is grown, yes, I give her that. But they should’ve had at least ONE rowdy Thanksgiving dinner where she blurted out (in a drunken stupor) about why in God’s name he kept effing-up! The man is facing tax fraud – as a former mayor and a former licensed attorney. How much dumber can you be and your MAH-MAH is a Congresswoman?! Politics is very sensitive and I fault her for taking the Michigan electorate for fools.

The Detroit area needs a lot of help at City Hall, in Lansing, and in Washington. But, we at Prune Juice Media cannot simply stand back and support a “political dynasty” where one member of the family racks up major felonies like they are run-of-the-mill speeding tickets.

It seems like some people in southeast Michigan are determined to clean house with their lawmakers. I don’t blame them.

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