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L.A. City Council Shows Arizona Who’s The Boss

| On 14, May 2010

L.A. City Councilman, Ed Reyes, is one of the sponsors of the bill to financially dropkick Arizona for their stupid immigration law.

Latinos in power across the country are uniting in their opposition to the illegal immigration law that Arizona passed last month. Ready, aim, fire!

Up to bat now is the Los Angeles City Council who voted this week to ban most city travel to the state and contracts with companies in the area.  This blow may have some sting to it because L.A. is our second-largest city, they are only six hours away from Arizona’s capital, and they have a lot of sway with Mexican-Americans in the region.  The law was passed 13-1 and begins on July 23.

The only contracts with Arizona that will be saved are those that will cost the city excess money to sever.  For example, LAX Airport and the Port Authority have some pretty hefty contracts with the state.  Those have to be reviewed before they are completely cut off, if at all.

The City of San Francisco is considering a similar measure to boycott the state of Arizona.

I’m not sure how much all of this individual heat is going to do for the situation.  At this points, with so much public support FOR the immigration bill, it’s going to take an act of the federal government (or the risen Savior) to put a stop to the ridiculous legislation.  I do like the idea of individuals, and local governments, doing their part to put the heat on the immigrant-hating state.  It can make a small, but important, difference.

The state of Arizona, minus the city of Phoenix, seems ready to dig in their heels on this one and is not responding to boycotts or bans.  Phoenix, one of the last hopes for clear thinking in the state, has however cited lost potential revenue because of groups canceling their plans to hold conventions in the city.  Their mayor has opposed the state law from the beginning.

This fight is not over.  As the law unfolds, I would expect to see several more groups follow in Los Angeles’s footsteps.

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