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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Larry King To Ride TV Pony Into the Sunset

| On 01, Jul 2010

Larry King is throwing the peace sign to CNN. At 109 years old, it's about time to get some rest!

Major news out of CNN on Wednesday!

Larry King, the elder statesman of the network, has announced that he will be ending his show this fall after a 25-year run on the cable giant. The move is not really a “blow” to the network, as he has given them a quarter of a century with some powerful guests on his set. You have to give credit where it’s due.  He will continue with the network doing smaller assignments, since his contract doesn’t expire until June 2011.

He claims he is stepping down from the show to spend more time with his family.  His 50-year-old wife attempted suicide in June and they have two young sons.  The couple announced in April that they would divorce, but they decided to stick it out and work on their issues.  Umm .. clearly there are a few “outstanding matters” that need to be handled if people are attempting to take their lives!  Totally understandable decision for Larry.

I’m warning you, though, this is the beginning of what’s going to be a long-ass fond farewell to the host of weeknight’s “Larry King Live.”  Between now and his final day, we’re going to have to relive every interview, funny/sad moment, tribute from other personalities, and maybe even the times he farted live on the air.  Yuck..

Earlier this year, we reported that CNN is taking a prison-like beating in the ratings game to FOX and MSNBC.  Larry definitely hasn’t been immune to that, supposedly losing over half his viewership since November 2008 – according to the New York Times. So, a shakeup is really needed to bring fresh blood to the timeslot – perhaps more hard-hitting interviews, and a continuation of the big(ger) guest names.

I have to admit that I will miss Larry, slightly.  He kept everyone guessing about who in the hell would be on the show.  One night it’s T.I., the next it’s Tina Turner .. a week later Wynona Judd, then he closes out the month with the Unabomber.  Damn!  I couldn’t keep up. lol…

Maybe this new career move will FINALLY get Larry to stop dying that damn hair!!  Nobody’s hair is Clairol-fresh auburn at 76 years old.  I’m just saying…

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