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Larry King’s Clairol Addiction

| On 10, Feb 2010

Beyonce's highlights ain't hittin' on nothin' next to Larry King's hair!!

Larry King, host of “Larry King Live,” is about 116 years old, give or take a year.  He has interviewed every living president since Thomas Jefferson.  He hammered out those first couple of news stories with a freshly-dipped quill long before TV was invented.  So, why in the hell is this man still putting CLAIROL through his head on a regular basis????

I happened to walk past the TV on Tuesday and caught a glimpse of the most deep, rich auburn highlight that covered the whole top of his head.  His body says 100, but that hair said 35.  Ryan Seacrest probably has more gray than Larry now!  L’Oreal or whomever should be really proud of that much product being used.  It’s just bottles and bottles of dye going to waste.  WHO IS DOING THIS TO HIM?

Larry, if you read this, we respect your career and all you’ve done.  Just take your gray hair as a sign of achievement and back away from the bottle (of dye).  Your painted scalp will thank you!

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