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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Laura Bush Supports Both Gay Marriage and Abortion Rights

| On 24, May 2010

Laura Bush has hit the book tour trail and kicked up some controversy on Larry King Live this month!

Former First Lady Laura Bush has been hitting the media trail lately to support her book, “Spoken From The Heart.”

Earlier this month, she appeared on Larry King Live on CNN as a part of her book tour.  Much like her appearance on Oprah, she discussed the book and several aspects around her life and her husband’s presidency.

One standout from King’s interview is Bush’s revelation that she actually supports gay marriage AND abortion rights. Very interesting.  I kinda had a feeling that she supported gay rights.  I remember her hinting at it a few years ago when her husband was president, much like Michelle Obama has.  But, the support for abortion rights got me.  Wow!

Usually, members of the Republican Party are staunchly against both of those topics because they are great “wedge” issues (i.e., topics that drive a “wedge” in between groups of voters to get them to vote for the GOP).  I guess La-La figured now that she’s out of the White House and can lay around in her housecoat and slippers all day, then to hell with what the GOP establishment thinks!  LOL!

So, Laura now joins the company of Cindy McCain and her daughter Meghan as part of prominent GOP family members that bucked the trend and support gay marriage.  Not too many others have supported abortion rights, but who cares, it’s Laura’s opinion.  I applaud her for speaking out on whatever she believes in!

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