Like An IDIOT, Pastor Wants to Burn Qurans on 9/11

| On 08, Sep 2010

Rev. Terry Jones in Florida wants to burn Qurans in protest on the anniversary of 9/11. In case of retaliation, let the record show that I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS!! No sir...

This radical religious mess is simply getting out hand!

The pastor of a small Gainesville, Florida church announced that he will be holding a Quran burning this Saturday, on the ninth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. [Pardon me while I walk away from the computer and holler WHAT. THE. F&^K!!!!]

Rev. Terry Jones, the leader of Dove World Outreach Center, is calling the day “International Burn-a-Quran Day.” He has already received more than 100 death threats and is now strapped with heat (gun) at all times. Umm .. I think he may need to be.

Let me start by saying that Stevie is completely and utterly AGAINST this planned act. I was overjoyed to know that others like myself are holding up the “judges 10” on the WTF scale. The White House, Gen. David Petraeus, Secy. of State Hillary Clinton, and even The Vatican have all spoken out against the Quran burning. In Gainesville and across the country several groups (religious and otherwise) have spoken out against the planned act.

In Afghanistan, one of the candidates in the September 18 election has already said that he thinks Americans in the country will be killed after the Quran burning. I don’t doubt this from happening. The Muslim faith teaches that the Quran is the Holy word. You are not allowed to defile the book or the image of Muhammad, the prophet.

Does anyone remember the controversy surrounding the Danish cartoons portrayal of the image of Allah? Well, over 100 people died in the resulting protests around the world.

Why would Rev. Jones put our troops in harms way like this? We are already occupying a violent country with terrorists attacking and killing our service members. I’m for free speech, but not at the expense of other people’s lives. C’mon!

What exactly is he going to gain by burning the Qurans? He’s just going to piss people off further who take no issue with killing or dying for their causes [referring to radical Islam].

I also feel bad for the millions of everyday Muslims who practice their faith everyday in peace. What about their rights and religious protections?

I wonder if some people ever THINK before they act?! Personally, I cannot buy the argument in this country of punishing or ostracizing everyday Muslims for the actions of a select few. Yes, 9/11 was a terrible day. But, I’m confused about how we honor the memory of the fallen with acts like this. It’s not going to bring back anyone and frankly it does nothing but worsen the problems of violent war and strained religious and governmental ties.

Take a moment and THINK about it…

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