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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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LOL!! Tea Party Movement is More Like a “Bowel Movement..”

| On 22, Apr 2010

ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis has been practicing a bit of her Chris Rock and Lisa Lampanelli comedy standup routine.  LOL!

She spoke to the Young Democratic Socialists group back in March telling them about the political challenges we face in today’s society.  She gave dire warnings of our political environment being more toxic than Jim Crow, or Japanese internment camps, or even the McCarthy era.

Her comment about the Tea Party really got me though.  She mentioned them as an active part of the current environment, but compared them more to a “bowel movement” in her opinion, rather than a political movement. LOL!  A low blow, but a funny one nonetheless.  I guess some people would look at the group in that fashion.

However, I hope that Ms. Lewis is not laughing too hard as that stone she threw just broke open her glass house.  ACORN lost its Congressional funding not too long ago when videos came out showing them giving BAD tax advice.  A rep was saying how you could hide/claim prostitution on your taxes and commit mortgage fraud.  That’s not a good look at all for the group, just to let the record show.  They became the scapegoat for the 2008 presidential election because of their close(r) tied to then-Candidate Obama.

I guess it’s true that Schedule A tax deductions are NOT MEANT for turning tricks??

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