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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Rachel Maddow Tears Apart Media’s Election Narrative

| On 21, Oct 2010

Why doesn’t Rachel Maddow just quit MSNBC and take Robert Gibbs’s job as White House Press Secretary?! Damn. I mean, she does a helluva better job explaining politics than the White House (or Democrats) could ever do. There aren’t too many anchors on TV news today that are beating Rachel in the area of research and fact-checking.

I want you to watch this clip closely from The Rachel Maddow Show on Monday. It’s 16 minutes long, so make sure you’re on a break from work or you have a snack of some kind. I’m against long videos, but trust me, this one is EXCELLENT!

Here’s the issue, briefly, because I want you to watch the clip…

The media narrative we’re being fed about this upcoming election is false, at best. The talking points tend to mesh a little too nicely with the hopeful outcomes of GOP victories. Rachel lays out a few of the major talking points she’s found, including:

  • It’s the Deficit
  • It’s Big Government
  • It’s the Stimulus
  • It’s Obamacare
  • It’s (Economic) Populism
  • It’s Outsiders

In reality, all of these issues (or people) are simply a smokescreen. The same people who are crying wolf are wrapping themselves in the poor animal’s fur.

Watch Rachel eat all of these talking points like Sour Patch Kids at a movie theater! Enjoy.

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