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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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McCain, THE LOSER, Wants to Repeal Healthcare Already

| On 22, Mar 2010

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is blazing mad about healthcare reform in the above clip and he’s going to SHOW YOU he’s not taking change lightly!  It’s as if getting his ass whipped by Barack Obama in the presidential race wasn’t enough.  This man is a bitter old sore loser.

McCain appeared on “Good Morning America” on Monday steaming mad about the passage of healthcare reform on Sunday night.  In his typical ornery way, Sen. McCain used the standard Republican talking points of how “the American people don’t want this bill” and “when you go against the will of the people you will pay the price.”

McCain says that he and Republicans will work at every turn to REPEAL THE HEALTHCARE LEGISLATION!! If they are good for nothing else, they are excellent obstructionists with no plan.  They keep saying “the people don’t want this bill..”  Nobody I talked to said that.  He claims that all of his constituents are against it.  Of course they are!  It’s conservative ARIZONA!!  I watched C-Span yesterday laughing at a lot of the callers who could not adequately explain in their own voice (not FOXpublican talking points) why they didn’t want the bill.

I hate to keep inundating you with video, but you have got to see this for yourself.  This is change I-WILL-NEVER believe in!

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