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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Media Maven Palin Meets With TV Execs

| On 04, Mar 2010

Expect to see Sarah Palin giving you a tour of the great outdoors soon...

Following news on Sarah Palin just gets more interesting by the day.

Just earlier this week, the former governor sat down with Jay Leno for an interview before doing a couple of minutes of “standup comedy.”  Well, she maximized that trip to Los Angeles by meeting with TV executives from NBC, ABC, and FOX.  She is pitching a “docu-drama” about Alaska where the cameras will follow her family. They claim is not a reality show, so the cameras will not be getting into the juicy details about Grandma Palin’s life, children, and drama with Levi.

But, for those who have been dying to see Sarah wrestle a moose, you dreams just may come true.  They plan to highlight the “people, geography, wildlife, and wonders of Alaska.”  Think National Geographic meets a tamer version of the Kardashians.  LOL .. I don’t know?  Alaska sounds like a beautiful place, but I’m not sure if I feel like watching the Palin family paint the picture for me.

I do have a lingering point of contention.  Sarah can’t stand those “Hollywood types” because only the people in “real America” (i.e., red states) understand what this country needs.  But, then she hops on the first thing smoking to the Left coast and entertainment capital to get her schmooze on??  I smell a small pot of hypocrisy boiling.

I’m not mad at Sarah for getting her coins.  But, I’m going to need her to respect the game and know she is a part OF THE GAME before she BASHES the game. Am I the only one that thinks that?

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