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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Meet Rambo Rahm!

| On 23, Feb 2010

Rahm is always looking for someone to SMOKE! Grrrr....

You may have heard the name Rahm Emanuel on the nightly news or somewhere in the blogosphere.  He is President Obama’s Chief of Staff – basically the person who runs the White House staff and is a gatekeeper between POTUS and everyone else. 

Lil’ Rahm, who turned 50 in November, is no stranger to the ways of Washington.  He was a representative in Congress from 2003-2009 from the 5th district in Illinois.  In that role, he held positions as chair of both the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee AND the Democratic Caucus.  He quit Congress in January 2009 to take his current position once Barack Obama was elected.  He worked in the Clinton White House as well.

I saw Rahm-O on “Inside the Obama White House,” the NBC primetime special hosted by Brian Williams last fall.  I was struck by his blunt honesty, Chicago background, and down-to-business mentality.  He shut the door of a meeting he was conducting right in NBC’s face.  Power move!

Rahm has never been known for holding his tongue.  He called some liberal activists “f*cking retarded” last August and kept it moving.  (He later apologized to disability-related groups for the unintended slur, once it was reported in the media in Feb. 2010).  I’m sure if the White House walls could talk, Malia and Sasha would have to sleep outside!

He is not well-liked in some circles in Washington for some of the reasons listed above.  Conservatives think he is drunk with power.  Progressives think he has been the leading force behind the missed expectations of Obama’s first year.  They say he has misprioritized a lot of Obama’s agenda – particularly with healthcare, which I can agree with.  Rumor has it that he is trying to make-over his image after a tough first year in the White House.  Yeah, ok … ::side eye::

But, what does Rahm care?  He’s Barack’s pitbull, and seems to be pretty good at it.  To hell with us!  Sometimes you have to have people around you that just don’t give a damn.  It spices things up.

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