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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Mexico Keeps It Real About Arizona to Its Citizens

| On 28, Apr 2010

Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, gives an international side-eye to the state of Arizona over their ridiculous immigration law.

Mexican officials have spoken out against Arizona’s new law warning them not to try anything funny when they visit The Grand Canyon State.

The country issued a travel alert against Arizona, particularly, because of the “negative political environment” for Mexican visitors to the state and migrant workers. In my opinion, that travel alert should extend to any brown people without Anglo last names in the whole state.  But, who am I?

Mexico has condemned the law as “discriminatory,” which is actually an understatement.  Felipe Calderon, the Mexican president, has already put Arizona on his sh*t-list. He reminded his people that they are protected by international human rights laws.

Now you know that’s sad when you have to remind people of their basic human rights!  You would think they’re in a war … It’s VISITING ARIZONA for crying out loud!

Anyway, I’m glad to see Mexico hit back at the U.S., well really just Arizona, over this mess.  They get kicked around too much in the immigration fight without having a fair opportunity to voice their concerns.  Arizona cannot just treat a group of people any type of way and think that their home base is going to sit back idle.  Not going to happen.

Mexico DEFINITELY has its own internal issues to deal with, particularly with migration and heavy drug-trafficking in its northern states that border the U.S. But, Arizona’s law is simply too ill-conceived to address the real issues between the Mexican and U.S. border states.

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