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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Michael Steele: Great Black Hope? NOPE!!

| On 09, Apr 2010

Michael Steele was supposed to be Republicans answer to Barack Obama?! Yeah right. Now they are waiting to throw the party whenever he leaves the RNC.

This has been a rough two weeks for Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman, Michael Steele. In fact, let’s take it a step further and say that his entire TERM as chairman has been pretty much a mess.

As head of the RNC, he is responsible for basically all things Republican outside of the government itself.  Major items include fundraising, campaigning, initiatives, and messaging.  It is the Committee’s job to bridge the gap between Republican voters, their issues, and lawmakers.  They are also responsible for hosting the Republican National Convention held every four years.

The latest fallout with Steele was a nearly $2,000 tab at a lesbian-themed bondage strip club and other expenses noted in the RNC’s February report from the Federal Election Commission.  It was reported that Steele travels and lodges in style on the RNC’s dime, a point that does NOT sit well with many donors.  He, at one point, considered buying a plane for his travel.  Yep, a plane .. in a recession .. with other people’s money.

Now Republicans are at a crossroads.  Should they fire Big Mikey or let him ride out the end of his two-year term until January 2011? They brought him in as somewhat of a Republican version of Barack Obama.  He’s been anything but.

If they keep him, he has carte blanche to continue with his shenanigans, spending, and driving the RNC onto the entrance ramp to hell.  If they let him go, they become “racists” who picked on the black man and held him to a different standard than they would another chairman.  It also leaves the gate open for Steele to bad-mouth any and everyone RNC-related if he walks out a second before January.  Hmmm…

Donors and staff members are tearing down the exits left and right, including the RNC chief-of-staff this week. The North Carolina GOP Chair is already calling publicly for his resignation.  In my opinion, the RNC might as well just cut their losses now.  As an African-American, I don’t see how the race card can even be played when Steele has brought on many of these issues himself with poor leadership, mismanagement, and his people skills that say “speak from your ass and not your head.”

The Republican National Committee has dug themselves a nice canyon with this one.  Have fun trying to get out…

UPDATE: On Friday afternoon, 31 GOP State Chairpersons signed a letter in SUPPORT of Michael Steele, pointing to the millions he’s helped raise.  They also referenced the key elections he’s helped them win.

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