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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Michael Steele Is Glutton For RNC Punishment

| On 14, Dec 2010

Some people just don't know when to leave well enough alone and step aside. Meet "Exhibit A" .. RNC Chairman Michael Steele

It’s not too often that I run into people who ENJOY making a public ass of themselves. But, Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele, seems to take great pride in this role for some strange reason.

Steele announced on Monday that he would seek a second two-year term for the RNC post. Of course, most Democrats could give a rat’s ass WHO runs the RNC, but even they had to throw a side-eye at Mr. Steele. You should already know that Republicans with a vested interest in the seat and the party’s leadership were pissed.

Read Steele’s official statement here. (And please tell my why in the hell, at 52 years old, he is not capitalizing the word “I” as a pronoun in a sentence).

I think the political world offered a collective “WHAT THE HELL?” to Steele’s announcement. He’s been embattled, full of gaffes and missteps, and an almost-caricature of the diversity that Barack Obama has brought to the White House. Republicans, who have been known for their lack of diversity at times, have every good reason to overlook Steele for another term.

What has he really brought to the table? A whole lot of unnecessary scandals (Exhibits A, B, and C). There are more incidents that I didn’t make it to this website. The point is that his two-year term will go down in history as one of growing Republican dissatisfaction and a waste of time.

So far, Steele is looking at challenges from the former RNC political director, Gentry Collins. Wisconsin GOP Chair Reince Priebus is also looking to run for the seat.

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