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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Midterm Election Ad Tells Latinos … ‘DON’T VOTE’

| On 27, Oct 2010

The lengths that some people will go to for voter suppression are amazing!

Right now, there is a set of ads running nationally targeted at the prized Latino voters in America. The idea behind the spots is to get registered Latinos to stay at home next Tuesday and NOT VOTE.

Latinos defected en masse to the Democratic Party to give President Obama his win over John McCain in several swing states in 2008. Latinos are pissed with the GOP about their hardline stances on immigration and other key issues.

So, Republicans know that Latinos aren’t voting for them in any big numbers. Their answer is to simply tell them DON’T VOTE AT ALL. The group behind the ad, Latinos for Reform, figure that since Dems have broken so many promises to Latinos, it’s best they stay home. *scratches head*

The ad says that by NOT voting, “This is the only way to send them [Dems] a clear message.”

So let me get this straight. By NOT voting, you’re SENDING a message to someone to not take you for granted??

No sir/ma’am, by not voting, you’re sending a clear message that you don’t give a shit if people tread all over everything that your ancestors worked so hard to achieve (no matter WHAT your race is). It also says that you don’t respect yourself enough to voice your own opinion as an adult.

It also says that something as petty as a 90-second ad can ERASE any potential for progress and change you could make from a voting booth. By not voting, you don’t have a voice. You become a forced mute whose actions say, “My opinion doesn’t count. Thank you.”

Oh, by the way, the people that are asking you not to vote are a conservative group connected to President Bush’s circle. In response, Univision, has refused to run the ads on their network because it goes against their push for non-partisan voter participation. Good for them!

*Thanks to The Randi Rhodes Show for the tip on this ad.

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