Mojo Returns to White House Press Office

| On 15, Feb 2010

White House Communications Director, Dan Pfeiffer, cracks the whip around the press office.

Someone in the White House press office has got to be reading Prune Juice Media. Seems like they might finally “get it” that they have got to play some hardball to win this game.

The Washington Post ran a pretty good story this morning on the revamping of the White House Communications Office since the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts.  Let me break down for you what happened to bring about this change:

  • The Obama campaign was spot-on with all of their communications until the president got in office, then they were lax for the first year. Running a campaign and an administration are two DIFFERENT things.
  • The White House has taken a fair ass-whipping in the media, so now they must retool their messaging to combat that heading into election season this fall. The pundits, bloggers, and Congress were telling their story vs. the White House proactively keepin’ it real with the people.
  • The president is now going to have razor-sharp output from his communications office. Social media, website, YouTube, talking points, press conferences, media appearances are all going to be on-message, consistent, and frequent.  Look for the same from the VP, FLOTUS, and other Administration officials.
  • The focus is now back on what got Obama into office … CHANGE! Look for that theme more.  I miss it!
  • Look for Obama connecting with real people more often. His handlers want him outside of Washington at least once per week to get concerns of the people.  I can pass along my address if he ever wants to stop here and spend an hour “keepin’ it real” with Stevie!  Lunch on me.

Keep an eye out on Obama & Co. at a media outlet near you.  Hopefully, they will have the guts enough to call the Republicans out on the carpet every chance they get!  I think a lot of people had grown tired of the Administration not standing up for itself!

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