Monica Conyers Hits The Slammer on September 10

| On 24, Aug 2010

"Hey hey .. ho ho .. MO-MO gots ta go (to prison)!!"

One of the most legendary former Detroit politicians is headed to the Big House on September 10. She’s probably not too happy about it.

Monica Conyers, the former Detroit city councilwoman with the awful attitude, was not given another extension to stay out of prison. She was originally supposed to report on July 1, but a judge gave her until September 10 to “Countdown to Lockdown.” Conyers claimed she was taking care of a relative having surgery during that time.

You may remember that Mo-Mo plead guilty back in March to charges of accepting bribes in a major contract with Synagro Technologies. Though she plead guilty, she still maintained her innocence. [If she didn’t do it, then why did she say otherwise? Ugh.]

The only way she can get out of this one is if the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals issues a stay. She appealed to them on August 5 that the judge abused his power by not letting her withdraw her guilty plea last year. Weird, huh? She entered the plea last year then got mad that they accepted it and moved forward with her sentencing.

She has made a royal ass of herself in Detroit, embarrassed her family, and even pissed off some schoolchildren one time. Her husband is Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.).

Is the charade over yet with Mo-Mo?

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