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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Naked Hot Tubs and a Coverup in Utah

| On 15, Mar 2010

What was Utah House Majority Leaders Kevin Garn doing in a hot tub with a 15-year-old back in '85???

You would think that the Eric Massa story of the past two weeks was enough.  Nope, there’s still more drama out there – this time with the Majority Leader of the Utah House of Representatives, Kevin Garn.

Garn, a Republican, admitted sharing a hot tub in the nude with a 15-year-old employee, Cheryl Maher, back in 1985.  At the time, he was 30 years old and running his own businesses and struck up a relationship with Maher, according to her.  Garn claims that no physical contact happened in the hot tub – no intercourse, no touching, nothing.  Oh really, Kevin?

Here’s where it gets interesting.  The two had no further contact after the incident until 2002 when Garn tried to run for Congress.  It was then that Maher started going public with her story, calling reporters and legislators about what happened.  Garn and his lawyer contacted Maher and tried to pay her $20,000, which she refused, then $150,000 to keep quiet about the story. She accepted the latter offer that required her silence on the story.

Maher, now 40, had tried to contact Garn again in 2008, even sending emails to his son seeking justice.  Finally, in recent days with the story getting out to the press, Garn has stepped down as Majority Leader of the Utah House of Representatives. Maher claims that she has suffered mental and emotional damage from their illicit relationship.  She says she is trying to clear her conscience and get this incident off of her chest.

It’s really a strange case of inappropriate activity with a minor, combined with greed, and a coverup.  I don’t support putting any minor in that situation … EVER!  But, I am slightly confused at her two attempts to go public as an adult AND negotiating the amount of her 2002 payoff.

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