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Nancy Pelosi to Run For House Minority Leader

| On 08, Nov 2010

No more gavel for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She'll be handing over the axe to John Boehner (R-Ohio) on January 3, 2011.

Current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is dusting herself off after the sickening election losses in the House of Representatives last week.

Pelosi has announced her bid to take back her old position of House Minority Leader that she held from 2003-2007. The Democratic members of the House must vote her into that role.

Since Democrats will no longer be in power in the House of Representatives, a game of musical chairs (and internal voting) is in order. With their minority status comes only two leadership positions  РHouse Minority Leader and House Minority Whip. The majority party (Republicans) will have three available leadership roles РSpeaker of the House, House Majority Leader, and House Majority Whip.

Personally, I like Nay-Nay in a leadership role. She’s tough, she’s a woman, and her track record for getting things done (at least on the House side) has been impressive since Obama was elected President. The problem has been, though, that much of the legislation the House passed under her leadership got stalled in the Senate. That sucks!

They have given this woman Holy hell since she took the Speaker’s gavel in 2007. She really took a beating of a lifetime in the media during the past election cycle, as every GOP candidate tried to pit themselves against the Obama/Pelosi agenda. She’s is bruised, but not damn near broken. I expect her to let the Republicans HAVE IT during the 112th Congress!

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