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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Nation Throws “Side Eye” at Tea Party Movement

| On 05, Feb 2010

"No sir, I believe it's those TWO ILLEGAL AND UNFUNDED WARS that are enslaving our children with debt!" And why are you all NOT at work by the way???

Today is the launch of the Tea Party Movement’s first national convention in Nashville.  ::blank stare::

The conservative group of anti-big government nutjobs activists are meeting for three-days to network, attend workshops, and find every reason under the sun to blame Barack Obama for their problems.  Oh yeah, Sarah Palin will be the keynote speaker on Saturday night too! Who better to speak to the crazies than one of their own??  It will make for some great FOX News coverage!

With the convention launch, the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation released the following data from a recent survey:

  • 1/3 of Americans have a favorable view of the Tea Party Movement. Who are they and don’t ever give me ANY of that powerful rock they are smoking?!
  • Four out of 10 Americans have never heard of the movement or don’t know enough about them to form an opinion. These are people with bills, jobs, kids, dogs, family issues, a social life, a boo, or hell, even an afghan to knit on the weekends.  They don’t have time for nobody’s damn tea party!
  • 26 percent of the public has an unfavorable view of the Tea Party. These are people that yell at the TV when they come on.  This group wonders whether anyone in the Tea Party Movement actually works a real job.  People that are amazed that grown men and women would actually be led by anything attached to Sean Hannity’s name.

All is not well in Camp Tea-Tea, even as they try to “teabag” America with their WTF agenda.  The group was originally set up as a grass-roots organization to speak lies truth to power.  But, as the group expanded and gained more notoriety (from FOX News), this “national” tea party emerged.  Now, you have to pay $549 (in a damn RECESSION!) to attend the national convention – when the group has been about grassroots activism all along.  Huh?

Even though I don’t agree with their ideals, I can understand the grassroots people getting upset.  They worked hard to promote that tired agenda, now the whole thing has been PIMPED by the national organizers and turned into a for-profit love fest.  It’s being reported that Sultry Sarah is raking in $100,000 for her speech, but she says all proceeds are being donated back to the Teabaggers.  Yeah, ok …

If you’re interested, tickets are still available for the banquet with Sarah Palin on Saturday night.  Tickets are $349 to attend … and no that’s not in pesos, yen, deutschmarks, or won. 349 AMERICAN DOLLARS!!!

If I pay that, Sarah has permission to come over to my table and personally whip my a$$ with her bare hands!!!

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