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New Video Blog: The White House’s “West Wing Week”

| On 14, May 2010

Check out the White House’s next weekly video blog called “West Wing Week.”

It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the President’s activities from May 7-13. It covers his speech to the graduating class of Hampton University, the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, meetings around the BP oil spill, and the visit of Afghanistan’s president Hamid Karzai.  They also covered yesterday’s visit to the state of New York, with appearances in both Buffalo and New York City.

What you’re looking at is an attempt to circumvent the traditional White House press corps and show POTUS in an always-favorable, and sometimes candid, light.  The video is pretty run-of-the-mill, boring at some moments, but shows a lot of POTUS behind-the-scenes.

This is part of what seems to be the Administration’s strategy of setting the standard of using new media.  They want to go where the people are, not necessarily where the press is.  It’s been done before, but not so much in a high-tech fashion.

We’ll share these videos with you from time to time on Prune Juice Media.  You can also watch them on the White House’s website.

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