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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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News Corp. Bankrolls the Republican Governors Association

| On 18, Aug 2010

In June, FOX News parent company bought $1 million worth of clout with the Republican Governors Association. ::coughpimpcough::

If you know me, you know that I have a strong interest in media. Particularly, I believe in media OWNERSHIP and being able to shape your message. Well, FOX News has shaped their message of conservatism (and oftentimes complete bat-sh*t craziness) for years. They do it well. They make it rain money in their offices, so they’ve been doing a little shopping.

Now, FOX News took some of those hard-earned media dollars and threw financing at the Republican Governors Association. They made a $1 million donation to the RGA on June 24. Though Republicans aren’t in style right now, they do hold 23 of 50 governorships across the U.S. With the GOP bound to take some seats back in November, the RGA is a great group for conservative donations.  Look at how much Arizona’s Jan Brewer has been in the news since her April decision to blacklist illegal “looking” people from her state! Bobby Jindal of Louisiana got out in a little boat in the oily Gulf of Mexico to rail against BP

This is news because governors are holding more and more sway among our body of elected officials. Please don’t sleep on them. On certain issues, they are throwing a middle finger to the feds and doing what the hell they feel like. In FOX’s case, they are most likely trying to influence decisions about fees charged between their local networks and cable companies. They are also providing an even more friendly home to GOP governors and all types of similar office-holders and candidates.

Think about it. Money brings influence. Influence brings power. It’s not the most fair thing in the world, but it’s the playing field for companies like News Corp. And it’s just in time for the midterm elections in November! *side-eye*

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