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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Newt Gingrich: A GOP and Family Values Gigolo…

| On 12, Aug 2010

Newt Gingrich is probably making this face as he thinks about all the other women he missed cheating on his wives with!

Newt Gingrich now takes a new place in my mind under the definition of “Republican hypocrite” and all-out “coward ass husband.”

His second wife, Marianne, spoke to Esquire, recently about her marriage (loose term) to Big New-New.

I’m not going to rehash every detail of what happened. I urge you to read Talking Points Memo’s great synopsis of the print article. [Hats off to their team for not shredding the magazine in anger]. Frankly, some of it is the same tired story we’ve heard in our own lives or from people we know. I will try to give you a quick Cliff’s Notes version:

  • Gingrich has been married three times and unfaithful to his first two wives. In fact, wife #2 (Marianne) was the mistress who Newt left his first wife (Jackie) for. Current wife #3 played the same role in his second marriage (i.e., the mistress).
  • His first two wives were diagnosed with serious medical conditions during their marriages to Gingrich. He found that a great time to let each of them OUT of the marriage when they got sick. Of course, his mistress-du-jour was already in place by each illness. [Newt “needed” the new company .. lol].
  • Newt liked to have oral sex with his mistresses so that they could never say he “slept” with them. [Pass me the trash can. The mental image is too disgusting].
  • He cheated on his second wife with a former staffer (Callista) who was 32 at the time. By then, he was 57. Callista is now his third wife. [It’s one thing to date older. It’s another thing to date Newt Gingrich. Awful].
  • When Marianne (his second wife) found out about the affair, it was over the phone and she guessed what was going on. When she and Newt met in person to discuss the situation, he had the gall to ask her to TOLERATE the affair. The mistress had been sleeping in Marianne’s bed, eating off her plates, and probably washing her ass with Mrs. Gingrich’s rags while she was gone. Can you believe that?! Callista is a bold b*tch.
  • After sh*tting on wives #1 and #2 so publicly, he fought tooth and nail to restrict alimony and spousal support for both of them. He wrecked the homes, then didn’t want to leave the WIVES their due share. Mind you, he has children by his first wife. Wow!
  • Bill Clinton pulled Newt’s trump card in 1998. Newt and the GOP were all set to use Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky against the Democrats in the mid-term elections. Not so fast! Clinton reminded Gingrich that he knew of Newt’s rampant cheating and current affair. Needless to say, the Republicans lost that year and Newt was out of power. [Gotta love hustler Bill! Atta boy!]

The summary is that Gingrich’s ego extends FAR beyond anything of human proportion. The worst part is the story drowns in hypocrisy.

This is the man from the “family values” party. Since he left Congress, he’s sopped up media attention, campaigned for people, and become quite the elder statesman. The Republican Party has made a proverbial pedestal and engraved the man’s name on it. They even wanted (or want) him to run for President. Now this. Really?

I gotta give it to Marianne for setting the record straight on those behind-the-scenes shenanigans. You couldn’t write better WTF moments!!

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