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Now We’re Up to 50 MILLION Uninsured Americans…

| On 17, Sep 2010

There's a reason people protested FOR healthcare reform ... We added over four million new uninsured in two years! smh...

I don’t know how any lawmaker could be proud of this sickening figure…

Yes, it’s true. We’re now up to 50.7 million uninsured Americans, which is an all-time high. We added 4.4 million to that uninsured list since 2008.

An article from MSNBC says that almost every demographic saw an increase in those without insurance, except children. The Midwest and the South both saw some serious increases, something that I would attribute to the less than stellar job market and/or low-wage and part-time jobs in those areas.

I can’t really say, however, that I’m surprised at the figures. Angry and feeling a bit pimped would be the better terms. Yes, we’ve passed some landmark healthcare legislation earlier this year, but as I said in March, it’s going to take years for most of those changes to come into effect.

In the meantime, 50+ million people sit off the healthcare rolls praying to God they don’t get “too” sick while they don’t have insurance.

The part that pisses me off most is that we have people running for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in 46 days vowing to REPEAL the current healthcare law. Why in God’s name would someone want to do that with over 50 million people with no coverage?

Last time I checked there are no cheap alternatives to the current insurance. There’s not a goddamn health insurer on the market who’s offering coupons or appearing in anyone’s Sunday sale circular! Tell me I’m wrong.

I understand concerns about the nation’s budget. But, if 1/6 of the nation is too damn sick to give a rat’s ass about a budget, then why does it matter? Maybe if we hadn’t blown the bank (and credit cards) on two unnecessary wars and tax cuts for the wealthy, then we would have a little bit more money for a real health care plan.

But then again, not too many in the GOP seem interested in helping the everyday person who needs a leg up from skyrocketing health insurance costs. Just my observation…

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