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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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NPR May Not Be So ‘Public’ Anymore

| On 16, Dec 2010

NPR may want Santa to stuff a little extra cash in its stocking this year. The federal govt. may not be in the giving mood much longer.

It’s budget-trimming season soon on Capitol Hill. All of the members of Congress who ran on fiscal responsibility are ready to pull out their axes on federal funding of things they don’t like.

National Public Radio, or NPR for short, may see the fountain of federal money dry up if one Colorado Congressman has his way. Rep. Doug Lamborn, a Republican, wants the Government Accounting Office to examine what it gives to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and NPR. He says that in these economic times we don’t have extra cash to give to organizations like these. NPR received $65 million from government in 2010, which is only a small portion of its overall budget. Much of its funding comes from private donations.

From a fiscal standpoint, I see the merits of Lamborn’s argument. But, as an observer of the skewed media of today, I would like to keep as many choices as possible in programming and content. Though it has a liberal slant, NPR has some interesting offerings that you don’t always find in the corporate media.

There are rumors that a Republican witch-hunt is in place because NPR fired FOX News contributor Juan Williams for his anti-Muslim comments. Williams has since been picked up by FOX full-time with a $2 million contract. But, some say that conservatives have it out for the liberal-leaning NPR.

Why won’t they just let NPR be great?! lol…

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