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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Nude Streaker Makes It to Obama’s Philadelphia Rally

| On 11, Oct 2010

Now this lady in the red is trying to act all pure and innocent as Juan James Rodriguez is escorted out of POTUS's event on Sunday for public nudity. She knows she was looking at him!! LOL!!

Bright smiling faces, cheers, and babies weren’t the only thing greeting President Barack Obama at a Sunday rally in Philadelphia.

He was also joined by the naked butt cheeks and other private areas of Juan James Rodriguez,24, who was also in attendance at the rally.

I’m sure you’re wondering why in the hell was a STREAKER at Obama’s rally?! It’s very simple. He was bet $1 million by digital media billionaire Alki David to scrawl the name of David’s new website on his body and have it captured on video. This is not the first time he has bet someone lots of money to pull crazy stunts.

Well, the picture I have up says enough. Mission accomplished. I don’t think we need video of Rodriguez to ruin lunch¬† as well. He was taken into custody by the proper authorities for public nudity, of course.

[Because I’m a hater, I’m not going to post a hyperlink to his site on here. PAY. ME. ALKI! lol..]

I guess those "Vote 2010" signs can serve a few purposes. Here, it's seen as a delicate leaf-like covering to Rodriguez's personal area (a la Adam and Eve).

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