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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Obama Campaigns for Coakley

| On 18, Jan 2010

Martha Coakley (l) clings to hope, and Barack Obama, in the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts. (Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe)

Yesterday, Barack Obama dusted off his campaign suit and Stacey Adams heel and hit the trail to Massachusetts.  The statewide election to replace Senator Ted Kennedy, who passed away in August, will be held this Tuesday, January 19.  This race is very important for the Democrats nationally because it will allow them to keep their 60th seat in the Senate, considered a filibuster-proof majority. The president was campaigning for Martha Coakley, the state’s Attorney General and the Democrat in the race.  Her opponent is GOP candidate and current Massachusetts State Senator, Scott Brown.

The dynamics of the race are pretty simple.  People had to light some real fire under Coakley’s ass because she dragged her heels in this race.  Massachusetts has not elected a Republican senator since 1972, literally.  Teddy Kennedy passed away and conservatives don’t want healthcare reform to pass, so they DO NOT want to elect another Democrat to the Senate.  For the longest time, Coakley thought she would coast to victory in the state because she’s a Democrat.  NEGATIVE!!!  Now she is pulling out every stop possible to ensure victory, including an appearance by Obama.

Martha is in an all-out war to prevent her unemployment by Tuesday night.  If you live in Massachusetts, both candidates are probably all over TV and radio, hell, probably DJ’ing the stations.  In the next 24 hours, you are liable to see this woman giving out food to the homeless, attending five church services, leading an MLK march, working a factory line, hitting the club, going to nursing homes, campaigning on the freeway, then throwing on a ball gown to get every single vote she can get!!

We’ll stay tuned to see if POTUS’s visit was the boost she needed.

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