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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Obama Gives Away Every Red Cent of Nobel Money

| On 11, Mar 2010

Obama was a millionaire for a hot second and gave it all away. Good job. It will come back to him.

President Obama announced where his $1.4 million winnings from the Nobel Peace Prize will go.

Though, these are some great charities on the list below, he left off a major one.  Donations are always being accepted at the Prune Juice Media Foundation. The revenue goes to help a poor, deserving (albeit hardworking) blogger keep the lights on and the bills paid.  Trust me, not a DIME of the money will go to waste!  I’m just saying…

Anyway, here’s the quick list of where POTUS is sending the cash:

  • Fisher House = $250,000 (Housing for military families at VA hospitals)
  • Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund = $200,000 (Haiti earthquake relief)
  • College Summit = $125,000 (College prep for elementary and middle school students)
  • Posse Foundaton = $125,000 (College scholarships for leaders in public high schools)
  • United Negro College Fund = $125,000 (African-American higher education)
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund = $125, 000 (Hispanic higher education)
  • Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation = $125,000 (Appalachian higher education)
  • American Indian College Fund = $125,000 (American Indian higher education and culture preservation)
  • AfriCare = $100,000 (HIV/AIDS, food, and water needs in sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Central Asia Institute = $100,000 (Education and literacy for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan)

I like the spread and diversity of the list.  Notice that military families (i.e., one of Mo-Bama’s biggest projects) got the most money.  I’ve heard some great things about the Posse Foundation and I always like to hear YOUNG kids getting involved in college prep (i.e., College Summit).  Great job!

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