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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Obama is Still Blowing Smoke Rings!

| On 05, Mar 2010

With all this stuff on his plate, Barry is not letting go of the ciggy anytime soon!

President Obama is stressed out.

Healthcare reform, two wars, FOX News, Republicans, Sasha, energy independence, Rahm, Palin have really put a lot of weight on his shoulders … need I go on?  The First Lady, Michelle Obama, recently confirmed in an interview with Politico that POTUS is still puffing the occasional Pall Mall, Benson & Hedges, or Marlboro in his free time.

The president claims that he doesn’t smoke in front of his family.  We see he really doesn’t smoke in the public eye either.  But, he is flicking ashes and stomping out cigarette butts somewhere on the White House lawn!  I can feel it in my Spirit .. lol!  He should have lit a cigarette right in the middle of the Healthcare Summit.  That would’ve gotten their attention!  Bet they would’ve wanted a public option then…

So, the doctor’s report says that Barack is still popping big bubbles with his nicotine replacement gum.  He says he’s about 95% cured from the habit.  We wish him the best as he tries to kick the habit without rolling up and lighting another substance around the White House!

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