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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Obama, It’s Time to Play Hardball!!

| On 24, Jan 2010

"I wish a mutha&%$#@ WOULD vote against healthcare reform!"

I think a lot of people (and I) have been secretly waiting for this moment.  Barack Obama, the great orator and master of the middle-of-the-road, has finally been backed into a political corner.   The time is now!  He must act!  The president might actually be PISSED OFF AND NOT TAKING IT NO MORE!!! (LOL!  Ok .. I may be overstating slightly .. but it sounded good).

Seriously though, the Obama agenda got spanked like one ole’ butt cheek this past week!  Scott Brown, a Republican, was elected to the U.S. Senate from reliably-liberal Massachusetts.  The Supreme Court ruled that corporations buy influence and “make it rain” all the cash they want in federal, state, and local elections.  Healthcare reform is on life-support with money-hungry relatives (::coughRepublicanscough::) looking to pull the plug at any second.  I’m not even sure if Malia won her basketball game that the Obamas watched on Saturday night.  Uggh.. this sucks!

It’s time for a change of course for Team Obama.  What I need to see from this president is more South Side of Chicago and less Honolulu! Government, as he should know, is not a game!!  The American people need to be FOUGHT for even harder, just like the special interests fight to keep us pumping $3.00/gallon gas.  The president has my full support if he needs to show up to Congress in a wife beater and some slippers and dare a Senator to drop the healthcare public option!  Hell, he could even smoke a cigarette while he’s on Capitol Hill.  The State of the Union address is this week, so it would be the perfect opportunity to cuss out somebody like Joe Wilson (R-South Carolina) on live TV!!  I bet he won’t shout “You lie!” during this week’s speech…

Anyway, check out the president’s weekly address from (see video) where he calls out the Supreme Court on their asinine ruling.

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