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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Obama Not Wearing His Wedding Ring Makes The News?!

| On 15, Sep 2010

Notice the President's left hand minus his love symbol to Michelle. NOW GO ON ABOUT YOUR REGULAR DAY! Ain't nothing to see here!

Last Friday morning, the President interrupted regularly scheduled programming to bring you a rare press conference from the East Room of the White House.

The man set a record for his own press conferences and spoke for one hour and 23 minutes. He took a range of questions from reporters about some serious topics affecting our beloved nation.

And do you know what some in the media had the AUDACITY to focus on? President Obama was NOT wearing his wedding ring!

I give up. We’ve got almost double-digit unemployment, trillion-dollar deficits, a divided population, and people are worried about what jewelry he is wearing? This is why America is not getting ahead as a country. Some people are just about as shallow as a Dixie cup.

I mean, seriously people. Don’t you think POTUS noticed that there just may be at least one live camera in the East Room on Friday morning? If his lack of a wedding ring was ever a telltale sign of what’s happening in the Obama boudoir, trust me, he’s not serving the scoop to the White House press corps!

Can the President get his jewelry cleaned, goddamn?! lol… Are they going to run upstairs in the next press conference to make sure he didn’t piss on the toilet seat? Get a life.

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