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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Obama Pulls a Fast One With Recess Appointments

| On 28, Mar 2010

Obama is wielding the power of the his office. Don't make him take the seal off the door and throw it at you!

Well, it’s not exactly a “fast one,” but President Obama appointed 15 people to key positions in the federal government on Saturday.

The Senate, which usually approves nominees, is out for Easter Break.  So, Obama used a presidential power called “recess appointments” to green light the people that mostly Senate Republicans have been holding up. It is common knowledge that the GOP is holding back his appointments for political reasons.  They take out their issues with Obama on the people who are waiting for confirmation.  Or, the Republicans (and a few Democrats) will nitpick the appointees resumes to death.  It’s stupid stuff that “allows partisan politics to stand in the way of the basic functioning of government,” to quote POTUS a bit.

Republicans are pissed about this one.  But then again, when are they NOT mad at this president?  Obama currently has 217 nominees awaiting Senate confirmation, whereas President Bush only had five nominees waiting at the same point in his presidency. Some of Obama’s appointees have been waiting anywhere from under two weeks to over seven months to find out if they are hired!  Remember, these appointees are for real positions that help government run in places like the Departments of Treasury and Commerce, and even the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

For a complete list of the 15 appointees and their very well-accomplished backgrounds, click here.

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