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Obama Surprises The Afghan People

| On 28, Mar 2010

Obama and Hamid Karzai meet in the middle of the night to talk about a range of serious issues.

President Obama literally dropped in for a couple of hours to Afghanistan and met with their president Hamid Karzai. The long flight and meeting in the middle of the night must really have POTUS taking a whole lotta 5-hour energy drinks.

The trip was a total secret from the media, as is the usual with the president’s trips to war zones.  He was there with some of his national security team and military personnel to talk about corruption in the Afghan government.  That issue alone is hampering progress in the area on a lot of fronts – the U.S. led war against the Taliban, poppy drug trade, and security.

Karzai was recently elected to a second term, but the U.S. is giving him a collective “side eye” at the lack of progress on that first term.  Think of it as a personal visit from Obama to get Karzai’s ass back on track.  Obama also planned to meet with some U.S. soldiers during his very brief visit to the country.

The president has been like a gypsy this week.  First Washington, then Iowa, back to Washington, then just randomly in Afghanistan.  Who does that??  I’d be asking for a pillow as soon as the wheels touched down in Afghanistan.  All that traveling would play with my sleep, which is a no-no for me.


In an aside, I was looking up info about Hamid Karzai for this post and DAMN he looks old. He is 52 and Obama is 48.  But, they look a good 10-15 years apart in age.  Wow!!  Karzai needs to get the Taliban out of his life IMMEDIATELY!!  Stress kills.

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