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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Obama to Sue the State of Arizona .. Says Hillary

| On 18, Jun 2010

The federal government is finally going to attack the way Arizona has attacked its immigrant population!

Obama’s been cracking heads this week on BP and the oil spill, so why not take a shot at the state of Arizona while he’s at it? I’m all for it.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a South American interview last week, stated that President Obama has plans to file suit against the state of Arizona. Of course, it’s in regards to (what the Administration deems) an unconstitutional law against illegal immigrants in the state.  The law passed in April and is set to go into effect in August making it a crime to be in the state of Arizona illegally.  It also makes law enforcement a target as well, since they can be sued if citizens feel that the officers are turning a blind eye to illegals.

It seems like the timing of the announcement was off, but Arizona is putting on its boxing gloves anyway.  They are already raising money for a legal defense fund.

I was wondering when this was going to happen.  I know there were rumors about it when the Arizona law first passed, but the Obama Administration kept pretty quiet about it. Then the oil spill drowned out everything (pun intended) and took Arizona out of the headlines.

Rationally, I can see both sides of the immigration argument. People in border states are tired of their services (and sometimes safety) being sapped from non-taxed immigrants. I get that. But, to justify a state carrying out its own version of how it thinks immigration should be tackled makes no sense.

I applaud ANY state for wanting to address the issue and be proactive. But, can Arizona please operate by the same rules the rest of the 49 of us have to play by? And can we still love Americans yet be HUMANE about it? There is so much federal action needed on this, but I’m not sold on Arizona’s go-it-alone approach.

See you in federal court, Gov. Jan Brewer!

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