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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Obama Wants to Find Out Whose “Ass to Kick” in BP Spill

| On 08, Jun 2010

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Check out this 90-second clip, from a longer sit-down interview, between President Obama and Matt Lauer for NBC’s Today.

The president discussed the BP oil leak in depth – its impact on lives in the Gulf, wildlife, and the credibility of both the oil company and his Administration.  Matt seemed to bring the heat in the interview, specifically pressing the President on his LACK of communication directly with the BP CEO.  (Obama has not had one phone conversation with the Tony Hayward.  Can you believe that?!)

Obama responded to criticism from Lauer about not having a more “kick butt” type of mentality, and for meeting with too many experts when responding to the crisis.  Obama’s response was, “[We talk to experts] so that I know whose ass to kick…”

It was an interesting and unscripted moment from the president, showing SOME of his anger toward the situation.  But, I don’t think it’s the hyped up “Ooooh, in your face!” moment that people were making it out to be.

Click here to watch the 12-minute interview in its entirety. From there, you get a real sense of frustration from Obama about the weight of the issue.  I finally see that he feels similarly to the general public about some of the ridiculous aspects of this oil leak.  I still don’t agree with all of the moves his Administration has made, but at least he “gets it.”

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