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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Oh Poo Poo! The BP CEO Would “Like His Life Back”

| On 02, Jun 2010

Can you believe this SH*T?! If The Today Show hadn’t interviewed him, I could not have comprehended it.

The BP CEO, Tony Hayward, has been busy plugging his mouth with his foot instead of plugging the oil leak in the Gulf.  Late last week, he was interviewed and apologized for BP’s role in ruining the lives of Gulf Coast residents, tying up schedules, and the overall air of helplessness that the people in the region feel about OIL everywhere they look.  (See the above clip for video).

Well, Hayward put a stipulation on his apology.  Yeah, he’s sorry for dousing everyone’s livelihood with 87 Unleaded.  But, he’s really sorry all of this happens because as he says, “I’d like my life back…”

Wait. A. Damn. Minute.  Did he just say he wants his life back?  Seriously?

Yep, the CEO of BP wants his life back after his company took 11 lives, ruined the fishing and shrimping industry, polluted the environment, killed animals, and made the Gulf of Mexico look like an ocean of excrement.  For those deeds, yeah, he really deserves his life back.  He clearly is the victim in all of this.

The six-hour time difference between London and coastal Louisiana has got to be a killer, along with the oppressive Gulf humidity.  And the fact that he has to face toxic fumes rather than have his 2:00 p.m. spot of tea and crumpets really must weigh on his spirit.  His multi-million dollar salary has got to hurt too even when fishermen in the area can’t make any money off of BP’s mistakes.  Sucks, doesn’t it?

This BP disaster has not only exposed an environmental threat to our nation, but the cancer of greedy companies with air-headed leadership at the helm.

*Thanks to the Huffington Post and Think Progress for the clip.

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