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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Ohio Protesters Act a Damn Fool About Healthcare

| On 21, Mar 2010

I wanted to share this quick clip with you to show how insane INTENSE this healthcare debate has gotten.

We take you to Columbus, Ohio to last Tuesday’s healthcare rally at the district offices of Democrat Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy.  Now mind you this was a TUESDAY afternoon, but there’s a fair amount of people out protesting on a main street in Columbus.  Anyone working?  lol…

The killer in all of this was when the protester (for the bill) with Parkinson’s sat in front of the conservatives who are against the bill.  One protester threw two dollar bills at the man who held firm in his (mostly) silent sit-in.  The dollar-thrower then goes on to rant how he’ll give the man money only when HE wants to, not when the government wants to.

Another conservative protester starts yelling about how you have to work for everything (on that side of Columbus) and there are no handouts.  YEAH F’ING RIGHT!!!!  These are the same people talking about “Keep your hands off my Medicare…,” but they are hollering about not wanting “nationalized healthcare” and a “government takeover.” It just doesn’t make sense.  *smh*

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